Rhythm of Love

Lily Wonderland

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Žánr: Fejetony, rozhovory
Počet stran: 360
Nakladatel: MEA2000 o. z.
Rok vydání: 2013
Jazyk: Anglický
Dostupný formát: epub, pdf, mobi

"Rhythm Of Love" is the vision of Michael Jackson's fans - beginning as
"Project Illusion" on Facebook - to provide comfort for sick children,
a mission dear to him.
Michael, there is an unthinkable distance and loss, without you here,
in which tears flow from our hearts. The wound that your absence causes,
just seems to widen every minute. When in vain we long for you to appear,
it is your picture, that brings a measure of comfort. Although your face
is carved deep in our souls, the proof that you were here can be seen all around - in the acts of LOVE you performed. Michael, our memories of you shall never turn yellow like the pages of a newspaper or be burned by the sun´s blistering rays. They can never be swept away, not even by an avalanche of snow nor the most torrential rainfall. You are eternally alive in a magnificent solitude.

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