Business Risk Buster Intervenes 3

John Vladimír

97 Kč

    Formát titulu:
    Interpreti: Jon Keeble , Paul Panting , Emma Powell
    Kategorie: Angličtina
    Délka: 44 minut
    Nakladatel: Meriglobe
    Rok vydání: 2017
    Jazyk: Český
    Business Risk Buster Intervenes 3 - audiokniha obsahuje třetí díl seriálu o rizicích podnikání v angličtině. Autor Vladimír John. Účinkují Jon Keeble, Paul Panting, Emma Powell. Do you run a business? Then you have to hear this true story! Every entrepreneur wants to be successful, but even a seemingly small mistake can sometimes cause big trouble. The third part is quite dramatic. The business risk buster tries to reconcile his client with the late fifty-percent share owner’s very aggressive widow. Contents: If you co-own your business with a partner, agree in advance on how things should go if something bad happens to one of you Take relevant measures to prevent an ideal business partnership from becoming a big problem that is hard to solve If there is a problem, try to find an amicable solution first If need be, don’t hesitate to use a mediator It’s always best to have one hundred percent control of your company Learn from mistakes made by other entrepreneurs.

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