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Business Risk Buster Intervenes 5

John Vladimír

97 Kč

Kategorie: Němčina
Délka: 41 minut
Nakladatel: Meriglobe
Rok vydání: 2017
Jazyk: Český
Dostupný formát: mp3
Business Risk Buster Intervenes 5 - audiokniha obsahuje pátý díl seriálu o rizicích podnikání v angličtině. Autor Vladimír John. Účinkují Jon Keeble, Wayne Forester, Lawrence Templeton Do you run a business? Then you have to hear this true story! Every entrepreneur wants to be successful, but even a seemingly small mistake can sometimes cause big trouble. In the fifth part, the business risk buster strikes at a gun shop. A seventy-year-old gentleman decided to sell his company and shop, but he forgot about his collateral in the bank and almost ended up paying very dearly for that. Contents: Don´t be afraid to start your own business, even at an advanced age: you have enough life experience and a cool head Before you sell your company, prepare thoroughly for such a transaction Always choose the buyer very carefully When selling a company, make sure you are not held liable for its obligations Leave the entire process of selling your company up to experts or at least hire a good lawyer If you get into any kind of trouble, always try to negotiate and never give up How to search for potential acquisitions Learn from mistakes made by other entrepreneurs.

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