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Focus on risk management - Manage risks to improve project success

Luc De Ceuster

200 Kč

Jazyk: anglický

Focus on Risk Management – Manage Risks to improve Project Success concentrates on risk management within the project management process and life cycle. Since the financial and economical crisis hit the world, everybody realized how important a good risk management plan is.

Unfortunately, today still many companies limit their risk management to identify and prioritize risks. A systematic approach to isk management is not common. This book focuses on the nature of uncertainty. It describes echniques to qualify, quantify and integrate risks in the final project plan and introduces a structured approach to risk that is dvantageous for project team and client.
Fault tree analysis, FMEA, three point estimate (PERT) and MonteCarlo analysis are introduced, explained and demonstrated with xamples. Finally, the reader will have a better understanding about uncertainty and manage it better

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