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Start your own adventure

Peter Hoferek

195 Kč

Žánr: Cestování
Počet stran: 180
Nakladatel: Vydavateľstvo Elist
Rok vydání: 2017
Jazyk: Anglický
Dostupný formát: epub, mobi

Would you like to travel, but something is constantly stopping you?

This universal traveler manual will help you overcome all difficulties! It is a great investment for all of you who want to make your traveling dreams come true. You will see that traveling doesn’t have to be for rich-men only. A traveler who has covered a distance of 3 circumferences of the Earth while visiting over 50 countries, decided to share his hitch-hiking experience with the world. You will find it in the book „…”.

The book is divided into two parts – Before the trip and During the trip.

In the first part the author wants to draw your attention to all the arrangements you need to make before you actually leave home: what to take, how to prepare mentally, with whom and why exactly you should go on a journey. You will learn about necessary vaccinations, insurance, getting visas and many other useful tips.

In the second part you will find practical tips about how to travel effectively, where to sleep and eat, how to manage hygiene, Internet, phone, finances, safety and interacting with people. What’s more, you’ll find out how to earn money while traveling.

Each topic has been described in detail so it could be easily understood. The handbook is full of authentic examples and links to useful websites. The author’s positive life philosophy is what gives it unique style. It is addressed not only towards people who plan to encircle the Earth – it’s also a great inspiration for classic tourists who want to lower their traveling expenses and experience as much as possible.

The book has been translated to six languages and has gained international recognition.

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