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The Canterville Ghost

Oscar Wilde

99 Kč

Žánr: Beletrie v angličtině
Délka: 52 minut
Nakladatel: Infoa
Rok vydání: 2013
Jazyk: Český
Dostupný formát: mp3
The Otis family move into a haunted house, Canterville Chase. The resident ghost, Sir Simon de Canterville killed his wife there in 1575 and his guilt causes him to haunt the house. Sir Simon haunts with different coloured bloodstains, which appear on the floor everyday. It is all to no avail as nothing frightens the Otis family. Virginia Otis feels sorry for Sir Simon and when he tells her that his wife's death was an accident and how he is very unhappy and lonely, she is reduced to tears...

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