Don't Rush to the Grave!

Thomas Kaspar

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Žánr: Zdravý způsob života
Počet stran: 120
Nakladatel: Akademie úspěchu
Rok vydání: 2015
Jazyk: Český
Dostupný formát: epub, pdf, mobi

Modern medicine and its supporters ask us to accept many diseases, fatigue and the loss of vitality as the natural manifestations of aging. 

How is it possible that these symptoms are increasingly being manifested in younger people? Are we aging faster? How old then is a child suffering from diabetes? What is wrong with a 30-year-old man who has a heart attack? Is it possible that the truth is absolutely different? 

How is it possible that the number of heart attacks and cases of cancer have been increasing at such a rate in the past decade? How is it possible that diabetes was a rare disease a hundred years ago, and now is spreading like an epidemic? What is the truth? Do you trust the doctors who treat you? Do you trust the drugs they prescribe for you? 

The book “Don't Rush to the Grave!” might just as well be titled “Unnecessary Diseases” because this is exactly what it alludes to. Modern medicine successfully focuses on the consequences of diseases, without caring much about the causes. This book focuses primarily precisely on the causes and provides shocking revelations. Prepare for a dose of emotions when you disclose the backstage of an industry which is similar to “death factories”. 

The message of the book is clear: “Take the treasure of your health into your own hands, otherwise someone else will gladly seize its care to make a great profit out of you!”

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