Managerial integrity

František Hroník

192 Kč

Žánr: Management, řízení, personalistika
Počet stran: 152
Nakladatel: Motiv Press
Rok vydání: 2015
Jazyk: Anglický
Dostupný formát: epub, pdf, mobi

The first edition of the book was written before the collapse of Lehman Brothers’ bank. It is all the more remarkable, then, that is it full of practical examples and guidelines. How can integrity be maintained in these turbulent times, when managers are under pressure to produce results and must at the same time take different interests into consideration? How to create a culture of integrity within a company? This is a guidebook for managers in how to lead ethically. The book is full of interesting tips, recommendations and real-life examples that will help you deal with delicate problems and dilemmas, as well as help you work with your conscience and not come into conflict with your personality. Find out why managers now demand that their staff have a head.

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