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Focus on project success : tools and techniques for successful projects

Luc De Ceuster

250 Kč

Jazyk: anglický

Focus on Project Success – Tools & Techniques for Successful Projects introduces the necessary terms and definitions to effectively work in a project environment.
It introduces how projects are handled in a process way and how different projects follow the same life cycle from Initiation to Closeout whatever type of project you are involved in.
From here, the book takes you systematically through the life cycle in ten consecutive steps and explains in an ordered and logical way what you have to do. The concept is set up in such a way that following these steps will guide you through the project.
The book contains a number of practical issues and exercises to explain and clarify the concepts. The annexes contain additional information related to decision-making techniques and financial parameters that the project manager and team members can use in their day-to-day work.

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