Creating with Python

Mgr. Peter Kučera

239 Kč

    Formát titulu:
    Kategorie: Informatika, výpočetní technika
    Počet stran: 77
    Nakladatel: Peter Kučera
    Jazyk: Anglický
    Dostupný formát: epub, pdf, mobi
    Are you interested in studying a new popular programming language? Do you know that Python is used in Google, Facebook and CERN? This e-book follows not only the didactic principles, but also encourages creativity and playfulness. The author has been teaching programming at a high school for 15 years. He organizes and lectures courses of programming in Python for teachers; he cooperates with the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics of Comenius University in Bratislava as a teacher trainer. He actively cooperates in creating educational programs and textbook assessments. The author has used the experience gained teaching programming in different programming languages to create this e-book. The e-book is illustrative, containing many practical tasks using the graphic environment of the Tkinter library. Its content covers a basic programming course. We start by learning graphical shapes, and using a loop and conditions. Later we learn to react to mouse and keyboard events. Finally, we are able to create animations and simple games. The e-book contains a set of revision exercises and an example final test.

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