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Before I Won

Tomas Veres

259 Kč

Počet stran: 138
Nakladatel: Tomáš Vereš
Jazyk: Anglický
Dostupný formát: epub, mobi
I come from the poor family, living in the richest countries in the world. I grew up in one of the poorest neighborhood, one of the most expensive cities worldwide. Without any money. Without a great education. Without a perfect family. Without friends. Without future. In my family nobody ever reached anything, nobody ever meant anything. I joined them. I hated myself, I hated my life. People around me owned perfect cars, worked in perfect jobs and lived a perfect life. And me? I was only surviving. I fought the world around me, I fought the world inside me. Whole my life was worth a shit. Fails, depressions, issues only... A couple of years later, everything has changed. Whole my life changed. Money, success, love, happiness... How, or why? I discovered my real myself and what I am extraordinary in.

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